Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am a bad blogger

I've been so distracted with the financial meltdown, the presidential election, and working on my book that I have neglected to do any updates here. But just in case anyone was worried that I had accidentally eaten yellow snow or fallen prey to some other peril of the North, I thought I'd better post something here.

I've been making slow but steady progress on my book. I enjoy working on it a lot, once I get going, but as I said, it's been hard to keep my focus. I still hope to finish most of it by next spring, especially since due to the financial crisis I'll almost certainly have to go back to work then. Sigh.

Just to mention something in line with my "theme" of humble inquiry, I recently learned a new word: agnotology. It refers to the study of ignorance and doubt that are deliberately manufactured in order to obscure an issue or justify a course of action. A prime example can be seen in the actions of the tobacco companies, which for years attempted to create doubts about what was, in fact, a scientific consensus on the dangers of smoking. Other examples include dangers of pollution, climate change, radiometric dating, and ... the possibility of a black hole headed for the solar system! Ha ha!

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